From: The Desk of Dr. Gloria Tumbaga

Dear Friend,

Over the past 17+ years I’ve had the privilege of helping patients with thyroid dysfunction! It’s a BIG problem for a lot of people.

However, it’s very poorly managed within the mainstream medical system.


MOST doctors ignore or don’t test the immune system component! They simply put you on synthetic thyroid “chemical cover-ups” (FOR LIFE).

Meanwhile, you still may be suffering from low thyroid symptoms (hair loss, fatigue, weight loss resistance etc.)…because the ROOT CAUSE was never fixed!

You MUST test to determine what “path” to go down!

The thyroid path OR the autoimmune path! The treatments are vastly different!

Most medical doctors will check TSH, T3, T4 etc…all that is fine and well, however MOST don’t check for thyroid antibodies. WHY? Because their treatment plan won’t change. It’s a medication and let’s see you in 6 months!

This is a very poor medical approach and leaves people feeling miserable!

Symptoms of Thyroid Dysfunction

  • Weight Loss Resistance
  • ​Chronic Fatigue (i.e. waking up tired)
  • ​​​Constipation
  • ​Depression
  • Morning Headaches
  • ​​Dry / Thinning Hair
  • ​Itchy Dry Skin
  • ​​Cold All The Time

Our Approach Is Unique!

We Don’t Guess – We TEST

Let’s say, for example, you ARE one of the 90% who has the autoimmune thyroid (Hashimoto’s)…
We must address THAT. The IMMUNE SYSTEM!

Make sense?

Remember, we take a “global” look. We look at a variety of factors including foods, nutrients, neurotoxins, inflammation, cell health etc.

In order to truly get well and solve the problem, you need a doctor who is like a detective. Somebody who will take the time and dig for the root cause. NOT somebody who spends 5 minutes with you, gives you a “chemical” and says come back in 6 weeks. That’s a failed approach.

Again, it’s a big reason why there are so many people suffering from thyroid dysfunction.

If you’re sick of the medical run around…then let’s hop on a discovery call. No cost, simply a chance to ask each other questions and determine if our thyroid protocol would make sense for you.

Be Well,

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga